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Doodles store  blew out of a storm, literally. On April 27th  2011 hundreds of tornados spread across the South destroying everything in their path. Doodles Cajun Cusine was in the path. Doodle was famous for it's athentic Cajun food. We were already selling our Cajun seasoning, Seasoning Salt and spices on line, so hence Cajun Spices being our lead product. We have a money back guarantee we have the best darn Cajun Spices on the market...More


I have known the benefits of Maca for forty years and I have been taking for over twenty years. Maca is truly an amazing food, yes it is a food, a Super Food. Grown at over 12,000 feet above sea level in the Andean mountains of Peru. Maca is great for sport performance, mood enhancement, energy, aphrodisiac and helps to balance or regulate hormones in men and women. Before you read any more watch this CNN interview CNN, Maca doe's many things but this explains why it will make your dreams come true.There is much more detailed information on the Maca page. To be absolutely sure of the best Maca Peru had to offer, I went there. I have been to the mountain where our Maca is grown, to the state of the art processing plant, labs, warehouses and offices of MG Natura. I have formed an alliance with Martin Valdivia and his company and made a great friend. Martin and family, MG Natura owns over 2000 hectors of land in Ancast, high in the Andes mountains, over 13,000 feet above sea level. In addition to this they lease several hundred hectors in Junin at over 14,000 feet above sea level......More

I discovered Neem while in Viet Nam, many India Indians lived and were merchants in Viet Nam. I noticed most all of them had beautful completions, velvet hair and pearly white teeth. I had to ask, I always got the same answer, it's the oil. It's been about two years ago I found out the oil is from the seeds of the Neem tree, one of my treasured finds. Not only do they use the seeds but the leaves and bark as well. Our Government did substantial studies on this tree and proclaimed it could be used for many global problems. Check out the products we offer and read about the wonderful tree and all it's powers. You will be amazed and it's all really true.....More Neem

Malay beads are used with mantra to pray or meditate. Regular use of mala prayer beads can enhance knowledge of self intuition, patience, health, raise energy, enhance communication and reduce stress. Almost all religions use malas or prayer beads from Catholic to Buddhist.
The movie "Eat, Pray, Love moved malas to a fashion statement. Our malas are hand made in Nepal, high in the Himalayans. We carry the traditional Bohdi seed, tiger eye, bone or Conch shell full malays and hand malays.....More Malas

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